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Integra Dance Arts Code of Conduct

  • Dress Code and Standards must always be upheld in class.

  • Students should refrain from leaving class for any reason, including the bathroom, unless it is an emergency.  If a student must leave class they need to ask the instructor for permission beforehand.

  • Being on time for dance means being at the studio at least five minute early, dressed and prepared for class.  If a student is more than 10 minutes late he/she may have to sit and observe class, at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Dancers who are late should wait to enter the class until a pause between combinations and then politely ask the instructor for permission to join.

  • Students should always be quiet and respectful to others.

  • Students should have a positive attitude and willingness to participate in class.

  • Refrain from using lotions or oils directly prior to class so as to protect the dance floor.

  • If a student misses a class they are welcome to make up in any of the same level or lower in the same style of dance.

  • With the exception of the first few weeks of preschool each semester, in class observation is not regularly allowed.  At the end of each semester there is a parent observation week in which visitors are invited to view any classes they choose. * ​​​

*Due to COVID some parent observation rules and schedules may be adjusted.  

Dance Ballet at the Barre Shadow Transpa
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