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The classical style of dance that sits as the foundation of all other forms, ballet focuses on the alignment, extension and grace of a dancer. This is accomplished through the development of precision based technique that affords the dancer an opportunity to move through intricate patterns of steps while simultaneously developing a character or telling a story. The technique is based in a long established vocabulary of movement.

Contemporary dance is found in both the ballet and jazz worlds. It is a fusion of styles in which modern and lyrical integrate with the standards of ballet and/or jazz. Focused on a lyricism in musicality and emotional or storytelling component choreographically, it is a wonderful technique for intermediate and advanced dancers to pursue in their training.


It is important for dancers to cross train their muscles, stabilize their core and strengthen their bodies to be most successful in the art and sport of dance.  This class will include exercises derived from a selection of conditioning modalities.  Students should have an exercise ball sized to their height, a medium exercise band, a racketball and a yoga mat.


A true American dance form, jazz is an integral part of foundational technique.  Based in body isolations and full body movements; jazz dance transcends decades of development and variety.  As students progress through the levels they will learn classic jazz technique, precision jazz, and commercial jazz.

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Tap focuses on the rhythmic creation of musicality and dance via the use of tap shoes.  Students will be introduced to various musicality and technical concepts as they progress through the levels.

Hip Hop

A style of dance rooted in rhythm, athleticism, experimentation and body formation.  Varieties including funk, house, social dancing, locking and street jazz will be explored.

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Pre-School Classes

For the  preschool dancer who is ready to explore movement and develop body awareness.  This class will use props, imagery, and storytelling while also incorporating spatial awareness.  Young dancers will be allowed free movement and musical interpretationbut also learn ballet, tap, and tumbling movements and techniques.

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Musical Theater

A style of performing art that is centered around the triple threat technique of dancing, singing and acting.  In this class students will learn dance steps iconic and necessary in theatrical productions; beginning-intermediate vocal skills and conceptual acting characterizations.  Students will work to develop full length combinations in which they sing and dance at the same time.

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Integra Dance Arts offers classes for students of all ages, pre-school through adult and all skill levels, beginner to advanced pre-professional, in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theater, and contemporary dance, as well as opportunities in acro and conditioning.

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