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Integra Youth Artists

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Integra Youth Artists is a performing group that creates a partnership between the faculty and students who wish to expand their artistic growth and experience.  Dancers will have the opportunity to participate in community outreach, additional performances and training, and develop their personal artistic identity. 


Each season will include a charity event, a community performance and group features within Integra Dance Arts’ studio shows.  Additionally we hope to offer students the opportunity to experience dance workshops and events outside of the studio.  Integra Dance Arts carefully considers the student as a whole person with their academic, extracurricular and religious responsibilities when planning the calendar of events and rehearsals. 


Students who are enrolled in the required Ballet IV or V classes along with two other styles of dance may be invited to join Integra Youth Artists.  There is an additional $50 fee per installment period.  Students must also purchase a set of uniform dancewear.  If interested in Integra Youth Artists, please contact the studio directly.

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